Superb Thermal Properties and Energy Efficiency

Cold Stop® Curtains have a thermal value that is at least 10 times greater than that of traditional PVC Strip Curtains. They are incredibly effective at keeping cold air in and warm air out and when tested with sensitive thermal imaging equipment, their outside temperature has been shown to register at +10°C whilst the inside surface was maintained at -21°C. 

Low Maintenance and User-Friendly

Constructed from hard-wearing and durable material, Cold Stop® Curtains are incredibly low maintenance and easy to use. They offer a level of convenience that is unparalleled by other products and, thanks to their user-friendly operation, they have been shown to significantly reduce operator frustration and subsequent tampering.  

Maximum Visibility

Cold Stop® Curtains are fitted with innovative and fully-transparent windows, thus maximising visibility. They allow workers to see clearly through to the other side and encourage both awareness and communication in the workplace; however, thanks to their specialist construction, you can rest assured they will not compromise your cold room’s cleanliness and hygiene levels. 

A Perfect Fit

Insulated curtains could be constructed from the best insulating material on the planet, but if they’re not fitted properly, they’re unlikely to do a very good job. Cold Stop® Curtains create a tight seal against the floor and ceiling, leaving no space for cold air to escape or warm air to enter. 

Highly Versatile and Durable

Thanks to their revolutionary construction and highly desirable properties, Cold Stop® Curtains are suitable for a wide range of applications and they currently come in a variety of standard sizes to suit your individual needs and requirements. They have a very durable finish and field studies have recently revealed they last approximately 5-6 times longer than comparative PVC strip designs.