Many cold rooms, chillers and freezers are fitted with heavy insulated doors to prevent the movement of air from one area to another. If allowed to, air will flow into and out of your refrigerated area, carrying warmth with it and reducing the effectiveness of the cold room cooling unit. 

While large, insulated cold room doors are excellent in terms of insulation, they are less than ideal in high-traffic areas, as they need large amounts of clear space to swing open and closed every time a member of staff needs to move from one area to another. This means that a large gap in your insulation must also be opened for a member of staff to pass through. 

The answer so far has been plastic strip curtains.

Plastic strip curtains are flexible and space efficient, as well as cheap but they are comparatively poor insulators. They also wear out relatively quickly, sometimes losing individual strips and creating semi-permanent gaps in your insulation – or forcing you to invest in urgent maintenance at inopportune times. 

For many businesses, this trade-off is acceptable to ensure a cheap door, but it is really the cheapest option? 

These issues can be resolved with the use of a barrier which incorporates the strengths of both and the weaknesses of neither – Cold Stop® Curtains.

Cold Stop® curtains 

Cold Stop ® Curtains combine the insulating qualities and durability of a heavy door with the flexibility and space-efficiency of a curtain to create an elegant solution to your insulation needs. While they combine features from two different types of insulating barrier, they don’t compromise on any aspect of their design, providing high performance and reliability across the board and giving you an insulating doorway, you can depend upon.

Cold Stop® Curtains provide a minimum energy savings of between 25% and over 33% compared to plastic strip curtains. Designed with Tempro® technology, these insulated curtains are able to keep out vastly more heat than their predecessors, providing unmatched insulation power for a curtain. 

This allows your refrigeration unit to quickly reach an optimal internal temperature for the cold room and maintain it with minimal expenditure; something which is reinforced by the low-maintenance nature and inexpensive initial investment involved with a Cold Stop®. Easy to wipe clean, hard to wear down or damage and very easy to repair in the event of accidental damage, a good insulated curtain will save you money on several fronts – costing less for installation, maintenance, and energy consumption as you run your cold rooms or chillers.

Quick and easy to install, Cold Stop® Curtains come with deep, clear windows, helping avoid accidents and allowing your personnel to know what’s happening at all times.

Cold Stop® Curtains are now available in Australia and New Zealand from Retail Asset Solutions. Give us a call on 0404 087 441 to discuss your needs.